Brazilian Newspaper Bans Google News From Leeching Their Content

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Google News is a rather popular service for people who regularly use the Internet for daily information by providing them with links to various news sites around the globe, but one country’s press decided to ban the aggregator from displaying their headlines.

An agreement between Brazil’s National Association of Newspapers, also known as ANJ in its Portugese title, and Google News started back in 2010, which allowed the service to host headlines from publications such as O Globo and O Estado de San Paulo, and raise enough interest for readers to click the links to read the whole story. However, this experiment was said to be a failure by the former and subsequently denied Google News access to their articles.

The reasoning behind the ban made by ANJ is because Google News is apparently bad for business. By posting the headlines and first few sentences of the articles, the service was taking away some of the traffic the online papers would have gained, because then readers would know what the story is all about and move on to the next article. When asked to pay for hosting their content, Google News refused to play ball with the ANJ.

Naturally, Google News says that this is not so, and that it is in fact helping the Brazilian sites to rake in the audiences by hosting links to their articles, and even said that paying for hosting content was like “taxing a taxi driver for taking tourists to eat at a particular restaurant”.

So far, there doesn’t seem to be a conclusion with the disagreement, and all articles from Brazilian news sites have been taken from Google News. however, it’s still possible to locate the sites themselves through the search engine.



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