Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Mode Release Date and Review

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Just recently the publisher Activision and game developer Treyarch showed off for the very first time its upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer game. It happened in the recent event held in Los Angeles, California, which was attended by a lot of people who also want to see the multiplayer features of the wildly successful Call of Duty series.

According to producers Dan Bunting and David Vanderhaar, the new Call of Duty multiplayer game will revolve around three key elements, “Compete, Customize and Create”. Apparently, this multiplayer game has been developed with these three key elements in mind. First of these elements is “Compete”, this new Call of Duty multiplayer game was made more competitive by adding a totally new mode called Combat Training. Apparently, this new mode comes with its own ranking system that is completely distinct from any multiplayer play.

The Combat Training mode aims to introduce the Call of Duty game to a new set of players especially those who have never tried a multiplayer game. Through this mode, a player will have the option to play the game all by himself or with a group of friends. In addition to this the new Call of Duty multiplayer game also introduced a new money system for the game by simply using COD points. This new money system will allow its player to access various new features and other gameplay modes as well.

These two new features will definitely make this new Call of Duty multiplayer game to be a highly competitive game as compared with the other games available at present. In addition to that, new kinds of gameplay will also be available. One of them is the Wager Matches which will allow its player to bet some COD points and play the battle. The top 3 players will be receiving the value in the pot which will be divided up in decreasing amounts.

Aside from the Wager Matches, the game will also feature Contracts. These are challenges that you must pass through and complete given a certain period of time. If you will be able to complete it within the time allowed, then you will receive COD points in return.

As mentioned, the second key element would be “Customize”. These new multiplayer game has the ability to customize everything you need, from your face paint, to your gun’s site as well its colors. And lastly, the third element is “Create” which specifically pertains to the Black Ops Theater that appears to be great choice in taking any match.

It appears that this new Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer game is fun and very exciting. Definitely, it will bring a totally new multiplayer experience, which is most probably the best in the market. For now, all we have to do is just patiently wait until we see it in action very soon.


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