Call of Duty Black Ops: New Characters With JFK (Gameplay Video and List)

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We have some amazing news for players who are waiting to get their itchy hands on the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops this November 9. Previously, we have reported several gameplay of the much awaited zombie mode in the Kino Der Toten Map; there you have seen all the Nazi zombies, crawling ghouls and even biting dogs with bright-red eyes, what you didn’t know though are the new characters you can use if you want to try and play the zombie mode. Take note, this is a spoiler and should you decide not to see it then feel free to check other links now!

So apparently, the four new characters will be John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro.  And you will be playing this on another zombie map on Pentagon whereas you will have the chance to protect the whole building from the hordes of Zombies. Interestingly, this confirms our previous report that aside from the Kino Der Toten map, players may have a chance two play with two more maps. Perhaps on the upcoming DLC or a previously installed multiplayer-map in Black Ops

Check out the Black Ops Zombie Gameplay Video with JFK and friends!

Two words: Bad Ass! (Just in case this one gets banned, click here)

As for the gameplay, everything seems to become more intense than the World at War, we are seeing some new machine guns and a quick-revive perk machine (zombie ressurector) which isn’t available on the previous installment (only your usual perk machine sans the zombies).

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