Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Cheats: How To Become Invincible (Glitch)

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Just what you expected with Black Ops – it will be filled with lots of cheats and glitches that may somehow make your game exciting or annoying depending if the cheat was a form of greyhat (legal) or an illegal mod. So far, we have given you ways of how to unlock the three zombie map, use the terminal computer for hacks, unlimited death machine gun w/ infinite ammo, etc. So at this point, the only thing you will be asking now is – How to become invincible on Black Ops? Maybe you will say it’s impossible, I say ‘meh’ as this gamer uploads this interesting video of how exactly to become Invincible on Black Ops — in zombie mode only.

Check out the video.

So apparently, the only way to do it is if you’re inside a Zombie Map, particularly in Five or Kino De Toten. So the only thing you need to do is find a teammate and stand on his head, probably you can let him crutch first so you can do this easier. And when you did, you will see that no matter how many zombies are attacking you, they can’t hurt you and when they get too many, its somewhat strange to see them die in front of you. Probably a cool glitch at first, but this is somewhat boring if you do it all the time. At this point, there’s no telling if Treyarch will ban this on its soon-to-be patch, so enjoy this glitch while it last.

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