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COD Black Ops 3 Teaser Trailer Unveiled

COD Black Ops 3 revealed its teaser trailer before its release.


Facebook’s “Scrapbook” organizes your child’s milestone

Facebook Scrapbook allows parents to organize their children’s photos easily.


Facebook Messenger For Business Unveiled At F8

Messenger for Business taps online sellers to promote their business. See details at F8.


Facebook ‘On This Day’ Feature Relives Memories Instantly

Facebook unveils new feature to tinker called “On This Day”. See how it works.


Facebook For Sale Groups Improves E-Commerce Experience

Facebook unveils “For Sale Groups” feature to improve buying and selling items of users.


Facebook Lite Launched For Budget Smartphones

Facebook launches Lite version for entry level, low powered Android smartphones in emerging markets.


Facebook At Work: A New Portal For Social Media Fans

Facebook At Work is a new portal inside the Social Networking site. See details.


Facebook Rooms: Anonymous Interactive Hub For You

Facebook announced a new feature on its site called “Rooms” wherein people can assume whatever identity they like.


Facebook Anonymous App Protects You From Spammers

Facebook’s upcoming Anonymous app fends off spammers and trolls from users.


Facebook Adds “Save” Option For Mobile & Desktop Users

Facebook will be adding a “save” feature on its social network allowing users to keep links, messages and other stuff for later viewing.