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Microsoft Band 2 Reviews Look Mediocre At Best

Here are the reviews for Microsoft Band 2. More details after the jump.


Droid Turbo 2 Is “Shatterproof”, Now Available On Verizon

Verizon is unveiling its latest Droid Turbo 2 packed with a 5.4-inch WQHD shatterproof display that’s kinda similar with …


Droid Maxx 2 Rocks For A Mid-End Android Phone

Motorola is releasing a solid competitor against Google Nexus 5X.


Toyota FCV Plus 2016 Is A Hydro Powered Concept Car

One of toyota’s concept cars this year include an engine powered by hydrogen.


Dell XPS 12 Is A Try-Hard Laptop With No Personality

Dell has a new version of its laptop-tablet hybrid model XPS 12 with a design almost similar to …


Lumia 950XL Is The Most Powerful Windows Phone Yet

The Redmond giant is on fire this week revealing its most powerful phone yet.


Google Pixel C Tablet Hopes To Rival iPad Pro

Google wants to rival Microsoft and Apple with its latest Pixel C tablet.


Nexus 6P Is One Of The Best Android Phones You Can Buy Today

Huawei’s latest and greatest phone is now unveiled in partnership with Google.


LG Nexus 5X Is An All-Around Champ For Budget Users

LG has introduced its latest Nexus phone for this year.


Download iOS 9.0.1 To Prevent Your Device From Getting Hacked

Apple has released a quick patch to fix iOS 9. Download it today.