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Toyota FCV Plus 2016 Is A Hydro Powered Concept Car

One of toyota’s concept cars this year include an engine powered by hydrogen.


Apple Electronic Car To Be Ready By 2019 (Rumor)

New rumors suggest Apple’s first automobile will be revealed four years from now.


Honda Reveals New Civic Type R Concept

Honda reveals its new Civic Type R Concept at the New York Auto Show. See new features.


Lincoln Continental Concept Unveiled At NYIA

A new meaning for American luxury was brought by Lincoln’s Continental concept vehicle. See details.


Nissan Under Investigation For Failed Recalls

NHTSA investigates Nissan for failure to address airbag issues on two past recalls.


U.S To Use Electromagnet On Launching Fighter Jets From Ship

Navy tests new aircraft catapult system that uses electromagnets instead of steam.


Bloodhound SSC Wants To Be The World’s Fastest Car at 1000MPH

Bloodhound supercar aims to be the first automobile to break the 1000MPH barrier.


AeroMobil CEO Wants First Flying Car To Be Out By 2017

SXSW viewers had witnessed AeroMobil’s flying car unveiling. The hybrid vehicle is set for 2017.


Audi Electric SUV 2018 (Q6 E-Tron) To Rival Tesla

Audi wants to rival Tesla with its all-electric SUV three years from now.


Honda Issued Another Recall Due To Stalling & Oil Leak

Japanese automaker Honda has issued another round of recall involving Accord and CR-V models due to stalling and oil leak issues.