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Candy Crush Saga Playathon Damages A Man’s Thumb

Man ruptures left thumb for playing Candy Crush Saga nonstop for eight weeks.


Hackers Port Microsoft Cortana To Android As Portana

Italian hackers ported Cotrana to run on Android and called it “Portana”.


Dell Venue 10 Android Tablet

Dell unveils new ginormous Android tablet measuring 10-inches display called Venue 10.


Google Developing Android To Support Virtual Reality Technology

Google found grooming Android OS to run VR applications.


BBC Outs “The Doctor and the Dalek” Coding Game For iOS And Android

BBC announces educational game for children on iOS and Android called “The Doctor and the Dalek”


Facebook Lite Launched For Budget Smartphones

Facebook launches Lite version for entry level, low powered Android smartphones in emerging markets.


Google Translate Updated With Word Lens, Coming To iOS As Well

Google Translate now has Word Lens and will soon be available on iOS.


Polaroid Unveils Budget Android Tablets At CES

Polaroid unveils new and affordable L Series slabs at CES event. Both models will be available this Spring starting at $99.


Yahoo Aviate Official Launch In Android

Yahoo launches Aviate launcher for Android complete with Search Engine to boot.


Kodak To Unveil Its Own Smartphone At CES 2015

Kodak is set to unveil its own Android phone on the upcoming CES 2015 event.