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Google’s Bid To Buy WhatsApp For $10 Billion Turned Down

Google’s has nearly bought WhatsApp for $10 billion if the company had not turn it down.


Chinese Hackers Who Exploited Google Found U.S Government Data Too

Chinese hackers who successfully breached Google server security back in 2010 gained valuable intelligence according to this source. See details.


Google’s Relationship With Samsung Getting Sour? (Details)

Is Google and Samsung’s relationship going south? See what Google’s CFO Patrick Pichette has to say. Details ahead.


Future Google Headquarters (Bayview) Until 2015

Google is set to construct a 42-acre complex beside Googleplex called “Bayview”. See initial details before its 2015 unveiling.


Google Retail Stores This Year on United States (Rumor)

Rumor has it that Google will be constructing Google-branded retail stores in the US. See details.


Google Q4 2012 Earnings Are Staggering Thanks To Ads

Big G releases its latest quarterly financial report showing its continuous growth because of its advertisement. See details.


Google YubiKey Will Make Password Obsolete In The Future

Google is said to be experimenting on hardware-based authentication called YubiKey. Will it make password obsolete in the future?


Brazilian Newspaper Bans Google News From Leeching Their Content

Brazilian Newspaper association bans Google News because of its bad influence for local online newspapers. See details.


Google Compute Engine Cloud-Based Service: Everything You Need To Know

At the recent Google IO event, the search engine giant presents its upcoming cloud-based service, Google Compute Engine. See details.


Google Chrome 19: Download and New Features Confirmed

The upcoming Google Chrome 19 update brings “Tab Syncing” feature allowing you to see online sites you’ve visited with your mobile devices. See how it works.