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Microsoft See-Through (Transparent) Desktop PC: Concept Release & Details

Microsoft Research introduced the future of desktop PC with its See-Through (Transparent) 3D desktop concept. See video demo and other details.


Kinect Beamatron Release For Augmented Reality Experience

Microsoft Research introduces its Beamatron that utilizes Kinect’s camera to create Augmented Reality experience to users. See how it works.


Microsoft Wearable Multitouch Projector (Concept Release)

Microsoft Research team is busy developing its portable multitouch projector. See demo and other technical details.


Microsoft Surface 2.0 (2nd Generation): Specs, Release Date and Review

Microsoft Surface 2.0 (2nd Generation) technology certainly gains a lot of attention during CES debut. More specs, release date and review details in our tech gadget news.


Samsung SUR40: Specs, Price and Release Date For Microsoft Surface 2.0

Samsung SUR40 display monitor will utilize Microsoft surface technology. See its specs, price and release date details in our tech gadget news


Microsoft Xbox 360 TV: Release Date and Review of Rumors

Microsoft is rumored to have a TV-subscription service just like Google and Apple and will be called Microsoft Xbox 360 TV. More rumors and possible release date revealed.


Facebook Plus Bing: Social Network With Search Release Date and Review

Social networking giant Facebook is collaborating with Microsoft to bring together social media and search features via Bing. More details in this post.


Microsoft Lightspace: Specs, Release Date and More ‘Surface’ Review

Microsoft Research team is rolling again with a new technology called Lightspace (similar with Microsoft Surface Tabletop). More details in this tech review.


Microsoft Street Slide Review vs Google Street View

Microsoft Research presented the Microsoft Street Slide in parallel to Google Street View. See features, difference and details between the two web application.