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Windows 8 vs Windows 7: List of Improvements and Possible Changes

Windows 8 will definitely be a better version of Windows 7. See the list of improvements and possible changes, Microsoft could implement on its next OS version.


SmartPaddle Tablet: Price and Specs Review — Too Expensive?

Evigroup introduced its new creation, the SmartPaddle Tablet. See specs, features and price details.


Windows 8 Tablet: Release Date and Specs Possibilities

A recent leaked document revealed a possible Windows 8 Tablet. See possible specs, features in our mobile gadget news. Price and release date details soon.


Windows 7 SP1 Update: Download and Release Now Available!

The final SP1 build for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 is now available for download at Microsoft. Official release date is today! Check details on how to install this update in our post.


Windows Home Server Vail 2011: Review, Download and Features

Microsoft has unveiled its new Windows Home Server 2011 which was previously called “Vail”. See its features, walkthrough video and how you can download it in our tech and gadget news.


OnLive Windows 7 on iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab: Review, Download and Price

New breakthrough was discovered for Onlive application for Windows 7 tablets. Instead of just a regular video game stream, this app will allow users to make 3D images. Price and downloads will be announced soon.


Taiji Dual Screen Tablet: Specs and Release Date Confirmed (Review)

The Taiji Dual Screen Tablet comes with a 10.1 display screen and Windows 7 OS. More specs , features and release date details in our mobile gadget review (Review)


Office for Mac 2011 Review: Price and Download Today!

Microsoft has recently release the Office for Mac 2011 software. Check the bundle’s features, price and download details in this tech/software update article.


Windows 1.0: The Very First version of Windows Revealed! (Video)

Ray Ozzie posted the press release of Windows Premiere Edition 1.0. See video of the first version of Microsoft Windows and how it changed everything how we use computers.


Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) New Release Date and Download | Review

Microsoft is back on track with the released of its latest web browser version Internet Explorer 9 (IE9). See release date and how to download the beta version in this tech review.