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Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Shield Will Kill Bacteria Once Applied

Sherwin-Williams company has a new paint that can kill bacteria. More details on this report.


UK’s New Bill Bans Companies If They Make Their Encryption Unbreakable

UK has a new bill that prevents tech companies on making unbreakable encryptions.


Microsoft: Recommended Windows 10 Update For Windows 7/8 Users on 2016

Microsoft confirmed Windows 10 update will be recommended to all Windows 7 and 8 machines beginning next year.


DOJ Wants Apple To Decrypt An iPhone – Horrible Consequences May Follow

DOJ is forcing Apple to unlock someone’s iPhone which could bring serious ramifications to other iOS users in the future.


Youtube Red Wants Your $10 / Month To Remove Ads When Watching Videos

Youtube has officially released its red subscription offering ad-less viewing experience for $10.


Western Digital Will Buy Sandisk Company For $19 Billion

Western Digital confirmed it’s acquiring Sandisk for $19 billion dollars. More details after the jump.


Nike’s Back To The Future Shoes To Arrive Next Year

Nike and Michael J. Fox are proud to introduce the limited edition “back to the future shoes”.


Microsoft Forces Windows 10 Update on Windows 7, Again

Some users are complaining that Microsoft is forcing them to get Windows 10 via Windows 7 update.


21.5-inch Apple iMac With 4K Resolution Now Out

Apple has released its latest iMac with 4K support. More details on this report.


Japan’s Super Robot Can Wash and Fold Clothes For You

Japan has a new robot that can do all the laundry for you. More details on this report.