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Mind-Controlled Wheelchair Will Blow your Mind!

A new move in medical technology sector is pushing a brain-controlled wheel chair. Will this be the next big thing for disabled men and women? More details in this tech gadget post.


Google Instant Search Review: How To Use? (Features)

Google has recently unveiled its new search feature called Google Instant. Read to find out how to go around this new search product and use it to your advantage.


Skype 5 Official Release Date and Download: 10-way video calling?

The upcoming release of Skype 5 will feature 10-way video chat with better voice chat quality. More features and release date details in this tech software update.


Tesla and Tegra: Next big thing for Nvidia?

Many fans were wondering what happened to Nvidia after the release of ATI 5970. Here’s a report on what Nvidia is planning on next. Keep in mind the name, Tesla and Tegra.


Cafe World Cheats and Strategy tips : Need more money in Cafe World?

Cafe World Cheats and Strategy tips download: How to make more money in Cafe World?


Squareup by Jack Dorsey: New Credit Card Payment for iPhone?

Former Twitter CEO released Squareup to revolutionize the way of paying credit cards physically with the use of your mobile phone. See the beta-preview Android’s First Adult-Porn Application

Please welcome Mikandi: Android’s first store to cater adult-related apps/applications, Quite earlier than what we expected. See if it’s the android-app you have been waiting for…Tonight.


Walmart black friday hours plus Macy’s and Target ads

Expect the Opening Hours of Walmart this Black Friday to be as early as 5:00am. Keep in mind that campers will still be ahead of you on schedule. GoodLuck on your Black Friday bonanza!


Zhu Zhu Pets On Black Friday: Out of Stock Already?

Get Zhu Zhu pets this Black Friday 2009. Certainly a must have for the holiday season, these electronic hamsters are your “cutest” deals this black friday!


Best Buy Black Friday 2009 ads: The Best Buy Flyer Deals!

What to buy on Best Buy Black Friday 2009? Here’s a list of the “best” Best Buy deals and flyers for 2009. So Wake up early!