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Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Fired, The Armageddon Continues

After Carol Bartz, current Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson was fired by the Search Engine company. What will be its future? See details.


Scott Thompson: Future of Yahoo With Its New CEO (Details)

Online search company Yahoo! has chosen its new CEO, Scott Thompson. See details.


How to Make Video Calls (webcam chat) using Yahoo Messenger App? | Download and Review

With the new Yahoo messenger app for iPhone, users can make video calls (webcam chat) with their iPhone gadget. Features and how to download this app in this mobile application review.


Paul Allen Sues The Internet! (Google Reacts)

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen made headlines when he filed a lawsuit against big company names like Google, Apple, Yahoo, AOL and eBay. More details in this post!


Free WiFi On All Starbucks Branches in USA!

All branches of Starbucks in the U.S. will offer FREE WiFi service all day long! See details of this new delectable digital brew!


Yahoo Pulse Review: What the heck it is?

Yahoo! Pulse will provide web users to access other website pages and portals from Yahoo! web page. Is it for the best interest of users or Yahoo’s? Check details