China Beidou GPS Satellites: Imminent Fears and Streak For Global Domination

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There are reports that China has already started operating its navigation data and people have different reactions about it. As announced by its project spokesman Ran Cheng, Beidou (“Big Dipper”) has now started providing location, timing and navigation data to China and its surrounding areas. We have heard previously that China has been working on a system since 2000 that aims to provide an alternative system to USA’s Global Positioning System or GPS. This project is expected to make the military services less dependent on foreign technology. However, there are also some people that doubt what China’s true intentions are thus, causing some imminent fears for some people.

China’s Beidou promises to offer users out there to provide positioning information to the nearest 10 m at a speed of 0.2m per second. Through this, the military is expected to get more accurate data that will be beneficial in protecting China from any threat to its territory even if the US turns it GPS off. Just recently, the 10th Beidou satellite was already delivered into orbit and China plans to send 6 more satellites by 2012 in order to extend its coverage to the other parts of Asia. China hopes to achieve around 35 satellites by 2020.

Well, it seems that China is becoming more aggressive as far as the space is concerned as evident by this satellite launch. In addition to this, China has also plans of coming up with a space station and a manned trip to the moon as well. So what is China up to? Is this a threat to global domination? It seems that China is spreading its wings and exploring new possibilities that will make their defense system stronger than before. They would like to be more independent and come up with their own GPS system because they have been using a US based GPS and feared that US may just turn it off.

China has been left behind as far as GPS for quite a long time and this move might finally bring China to the GPS arena that is being dominated by the USA. Check out the video below.


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