Chrome Browser Will Beat Firefox: Second Most Popular Browser On Earth Soon?

Posted on 01 October 2011 by author

Reality hit us hard. And for tech industries, triple that effect!

Well, with only three years after Chrome browser’s release, it appears it will be the web’s second most popular browser — just a couple of months from now – after beating Firefox.

If you’ll check statcounter’s global stat graph, you can see the plotted green line (chrome) is growing steadily for the previous years hitting 23.6% share (we’re talking the percentage of worldwide users here) while Firefox continues to dip. If the projections are correct, we should expect Google’s browser to beat Firefox on December having a share of 26.6% while Mozilla Firefox at 25.3%.

However, it’s not clear though if this chart represents the totality of all Chrome versions and Firefox releases including 3.5. Then again, this is not really a cause of surprise since Chrome already beat the orange browser in UK last July.

If you can still remember, we reported on December 2009 that Firefox 3.5 is the most popular browser at that time. But within a span of two years, it’s bound to lose its spot to number 3 already. Obviously, everyone’s wondering if there’s a chance Chrome will beat Internet Explorer staying ahead on the lead at 41% in the near future.

We’ll see!


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