Cool GTA V Artwork (Gangster Style With Katy Perry)

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What’s the best way to show your appreciation for GTA V? Through artwork. And what’s the most efficient way to let your creation be discovered by V’s community? By posting it on GTAForums — flocked by tens of thousands of fans on a daily basis.

Well, this guy going under the alias ‘streethustla’ certainly got the attention of the crowd after posting these V-related artworks. We’re not going much on the details on how these photos were made (through Photoshop obviously), but as confirmed by the forum’s mod, all the pictures were originally made by Streethus himself.

Here are some of his creations. Note: We tried naming some but don’t bawl if we made some errors. Remember, we ain’t gangstas here ya’ll know.

(Omarion, La Fouine, Wale)

(Rick Ross)

(The guy on your right is Booba)

(California Girls!)

Yeah we know, this guy has taken photo-cartoon manipulation into a higher level. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see some folks using these pics to prank others as we inch towards the release of GTA V around April-June.

Last but not the least, for those who want to see more pictures, you can visit SH’s fan page right here. Perhaps, you can also make requests for a cover – if you’ll ask him nicely.

Again, we remind everyone these are fan’s artwork and not, in any way,  related with Rockstar Games and its development for Grand Theft Auto V.


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