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Uber Socialites are not happy with current tech designs. It doesn’t show how rich they are, since it’s only plastic and so blah. So what to do? Why not deck it out with so much bling that it blinds people when light is flashed on it. Such is the case with the CrystalRoc Samsung Galaxy Tab.

What you’re seeing in the picture is a usual run of the mill Samsung Galaxy Tab with its back bedecked in 5,700 Swarovski Bright Crystals. The Galaxy Tab logo is in Jet Hematite and could be custom ordered to fit the needs of a person with enough cash to burn. Expect the 380 gram weight to become heavier because of those 5,700 crystals.

Samsung wants to show the Galaxy Tab to show the ‘stars in it’s galaxy’ for it’s November launch so they went to CrystalRoc and Micro Anvika who made this blinged out piece of opulence. If $500 is still too cheap, then you can expect this real shiny tablet to have a price in a galactic range.

Here’s the brief YouTube video of CrystalRoc Galaxy Tab gadget:

Samsung or CrystalRoc has not released any news regarding the expected hike in price for an exclusive tablet like this, but be prepared to shell out massive tonnage of cash to be one of the uber socialites.


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