Diablo 3 1.0.8: Lawsuit Against Blizzard After Gold Dupe (Possibility)

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Recently, it has been a hell of a ride on Diablo 3 (literally). For those unaware, its latest patch 1.0.8, which was released almost 48 hours ago, provided a lot of neat updates for the game like buff to co-op mode and related stuff but it also unleashed a big ruckus as several individuals found an exploit that enables them to dupe gold to the nth level. We’re talking about hundreds of billions of gold that equates to corresponding dollar value if you’ll sell it to the game’s ‘real money auction house’.


Today, we can already see its effects as several players voiced out their concerns since Blizzard decided not to put a rollback (to offset those duplicated gold) and just pushed through a decision of simply suspending AH (auction house) while they are tracking those accounts that duped gold.

Lawsuit Threat From Players

One player from this thread, which is now one of the hottest post from Diablo 3 forum, explained how the community can file a lawsuit charge against Blizzard. Just to give you a gist about the complaint, the player believes gamers will have a strong-case against Blizzard if they’ll file a lawsuit because D3 is concentrated with items, and these items have their own gold value which corresponds to real money. Since there was a dupe exploit, it also mean the company can be charged for negligence of not coding the game properly, letting its system hacked so other people can ‘steal money’ out from gamers’ pockets.

For those unaware, this is not the first time Blizzard was threatened by a lawsuit charge. A few weeks when Diablo 3 debuted last May, players from South Korea and other countries from Europe have voiced out their concern and filed a formal lawsuit complaint of not being able to play the game because of Blizzard’s laggy servers. This forced the company to fix the situation or suffer the consequence of paying each players that will return the game due to this issue.

Gravity of the Problem

As for the problem itself, another player has voiced out his concern that by not rolling back the server (which was the original solution anticipated by the community), Blizzard is creating a huge mistake as there are a lot of hackers who managed to transfer these dupe golds into dummy accounts, some have even bought several hundreds of gems from the AH, then resell them again to make the gold appear ‘clean’ making it very difficult for Blizzard admins to spot the culprit.

So what do you think should Blizzard do to clean out this mess? Show your comment below.


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