Diablo 3: New FAQ & Problems On Auction House Removal

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Less than 12 hours after Blizzard announced a very surprising but welcoming move of removing the gold and real-money Auction House in Diablo 3 by March 18, 2014, thousands of messages have circumvented the gamingsphere discussing the ramifications of this decision.


To bring more enlightenment with upcoming change, Blizzard set a FAQ page answering common questions with regards to the topic. Some of the things noted by its community manager Lyrilla is about why Blizz only decided to remove AH now, and how this decision will bring a major impact when Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls debuts next year together with Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0.

Problems Of Removing The Auction House

But just like any changes, some players already criticized this move by Blizzard. Some of the concerns raised by players from r/Diablo were the following:

In case you found a godly item that doesn’t belong to your class, how will players be able to trade it to another player?

If players will still be able to trade godly items outside AH, wouldn’t this mean Pay-To-Win system will still rule D3 ecosystem instead of Play-To-Win?

Third-party sites selling items may sprout like mushroom now that Auction House is gone.


Interestingly, fans have uncovered leaks with regards to why trading these so-called ‘godly’ items might be diminished dramatically after expansion. For those playing Diablo 3 right now, Blizzard has introduced the concept of “bind on account items” which works well with crafted rare items which you can’t sell, trade or even drop from your inventory to give it on another player. In short, it’s only for your account alone. However, godly legendary items can still be traded right now through Auction House or third-party sites which causes problems with the overall economy of Diablo 3.

Now, on Reaper of Souls, it appears even legendary items could become ‘bind on account’ items too after you enhant its stats via the ‘mystic’ NPC. This enchantment process has the chance to make the properties of your weapons, armor, accessories, etc. perfect. Once enchanted, that item will be bind on account preventing you from selling it to other players.

Take note that all of these changes were just data-mined and there’s a possibility they will be fine tuned once we inch closer to the release of ROS next year. As for the current sentiment of fans, most are positive which was reflected with the upvotes received by this announcement from r/Diablo raking 1.8K votes at the time of this writing – the highest we’ve seen since Jay Wilson got fired as the Lead Developer of Diablo 3.

Speaking of Jay, it appears the former boss is happy after tweeting this message with regards to the decision of D3′s new head honcho Josh Mosqueira.

We expect more details to be unraveled on Blizzcon this November.


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