Diablo 3 on Xbox 360 and Xbox 720: Hit Or Miss?

Posted on 21 May 2013 by author

For those keeping up with Diablo 3 and its arrival to consoles, we’re certain most fans are wondering if Blizzard will also bring the core of hell to Xbox 360 and its next-gen counterpart.


If you’ll check its PR statement during PAX East week, while the company did mention the dungeon-crawler RPG will only arrive in PS3 and PS4, they didn’t mention the word ‘exclusive’ or any other hints of cutting out Microsoft from the league giving a strong impression that D3 may also arrive on Xbox depending on its “strategic partnership” with Sony. After it has ended, perhaps?

Digging in deeper, we found this statement from D3’s Lead Designer Joshua Mosqueira statting that “while he can’t confirm anything, Diablo 3 isn’t necessarily a Sony exclusive”. This site also followed a leak discovering a D3 press CD for PAX East in which its files were both labeled with PS3 and Xbox 360. Then again, a blue responded over this matter and claimed it was just a “human error”.

Meanwhile, there’s a hot thread created from battle.net today in which a player discusses that not providing Diablo 3 on Xbox will be unfair for those who are using it especially when you consider that the popularity of Xbox / PS3 are almost equivocal, and both units will provide their next-gen models by the end of this year. Some also suggest the possibility of Blizzard making a cameo appearance on E3 this June just to announce if they have something for the green console, a similar move they’ve done when they announced D3 during Sony’s teaser announcement for Playstation last quarter.

Fingers all crossed.


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