Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8: Clarifications Before Release

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For those who were a bit disappointed about Blizzard’s GDC event not mentioning anything about Diablo 3 1.0.8 update, new information was released today tackling about the next patch.


Basically, it’s what we’ve heard last month but this time, more specific details were included like the addition of matchmaking tags, multiplayer bonuses and new features for chat and contacts. Full details here.

However, as expected, questions poured out on how exactly will these new multiplayer perks roll out together with other improvements mentioned earlier for 1.0.8.

XP Bonus Questions

Fortunately, the game’s technical head designer Wyatt Cheng has answered several inquiries from r/Diablo. When asked about the mechanics of XP bonus received on a four-man party in 1.0.8 and its effect with the hellfire ring, he mentioned it’s ‘additive’.

“Hellfire Ring is additive.
As an example. Suppose you have 35% from Hellfire Ring and 31% from a Ruby in your helm. That’s a total XP bonus of 66%.
Suppose you’re in a 3-player game, granting you 20% more XP (multiplicative)
1.66 (ring/ruby) * 1.20 (20% multiplayer) = 1.992
Assuming I did my math right, total bonus XP in a 3-player game with your ring + ruby: 99.2%”

Custom Tags

Meanwhile, questions about specific multiplayer tags players can choose aside from “questing, item hunting, uber bosses and pvp” were also given. While Wyatt didn’t confirm anything if the team will include “item hunting”, he did mention the possibility of including it depending on how 1.0.8 performs on the PTR server. It’s also noticeable the follow-up questions below with regards to giving players “custom tags” in which they can type specific keywords they want when joining a public game (e.g: demonic essence farming, legendary farming, etc).

Other Updates and Release Date

Last but not the least, Cheng also confirmed the mob density for Act 1, 2 and 4 will be available on Patch 1.0.8. This should be exciting especially for players who farm those said areas or those who are already bored on the same old runs on Act 3.

As for the patch’s release date, the head honcho said it should arrive “very soon”. The last time we check, this should mean in 1-2 weeks of time frame but that’s on PTR only. This means, we need to wait for a few more weeks again before it’s implemented on the live server.

Just a reminder, the update will also pave way to these new improvements like custom dyeing of legendary items, identify all, and multi-crafting.


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