Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.8 Release And Ideas From Gamers

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Diablo 3’s three-week old patch 1.0.7 certainly brought spark to the community after putting the game ‘on a step to the right direction’ after all the mishaps this action-RPG title faced since its inception last May. While 1.0.7 managed to introduce several account bound items enabling casual players to upgrade their items without delving into the Gold / Real Money Auction House, it appears other players aren’t really satisfied with the following changes.

Earlier this week, a player made this detailed post which talks about “The Salvation of Diablo 3”. For those who frequently visit D3 forums, post like these pop up once or twice a week. Although the thing that made Gosu’s post special is when Diablo 3’s Game Designer Travis Day replied in a quid pro quo type of statement giving the community a glimpse about what’s to arrive for the game.

We’re not going to elaborate all its details. Instead, we will highlight what could be the following changes implemented for Patch 1.0.8 and beyond based from Travis’ post. Take note, 1.0.8 will be the next patch as noted by Liogela.

New Affixes For Items

Just a recap, patch 1.0.4 introduced a massive buff for legendary items adding ‘special affixes’ for most legendaries with item level 58-63 (e.g: Fire Walkers boots igniting the ground you walk on). For the future content, while it’s not said it will incorporate with 1.0.8, Travis stated they are already planning for this ‘new buff’ giving an example like an item that will make you ethereal (makes you pass through enemies). An interesting idea for sure which could be similar to Diablo 2’s mechanics enabling a character to use other character’s special abilities (like a barbarian shapeshifting into a bear thanks to Druid’s skill affixed to an item).

Then again, this also introduced some concerns about should players invest on buying godly legendary items now or wait for this new update. For those who can recall, this was a real issue for players before 1.0.4 since most of the old legendary items they bought for millions of gold had its value shrink because the new legendary buff has replaced them permanently.

More Quality, Lesser Quantity of Drops

If you are still playing the game today, you know most of the rare items – while plenty – are just left on the ground since the possibility of it becoming trash after getting unidentified is absurdly high. In fact, even other i63 rare items now like Archon greaves, Archon Crown are also not picked up by players anymore since it’s just a waste of time especially if there’s a lot of cheap set-items on GAH with higher stats that can equal these rares anytime of the day.

With the future update, Travis hinted there’ll be fewer items that will be seen with higher quality unlike with today’s mechanics.


If you’ve been playing Diablo 3 since day 1 (that would be around May 2012) until today, you already know the game has changed a lot in terms of gameplay, mechanics, looting system, etc. And while some of the changes other fans wanted weren’t yet included, its developers are trying to find ways to make the game more engaging for each player with a different set of preferences. All in all, the game is still evolving heck, it still haven’t yet reached that milestone of Patch 1.1.

So what do you think about the upcoming updates for Diablo 3? Does it make you want to play the game? Show your comment below.


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