Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 Analysis: A Step To The Right Direction?

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It began with a legendary buff on 1.04 followed by the introduction of Monster Power system & Uber Bosses. And today, we’re looking forward to another big leap for Diablo 3 as Wyatt Cheng (Head Technical Designer) gave us a preview for Patch 1.0.7 that should arrive soon on PTR for testing. Here’s a little analysis for some of the key elements of the patch.

Item Hunting Gets More Interesting

Ever since its inception, Diablo 3 has been plagued by countless criticisms from players who don’t like the idea of RMAH – which destroys the real essence of farming gears since other players can skip all the hours of playing and just buy the items they want with real money.

Now, for the first time, the upcoming patch is offering something that may rekindle the fire on why you should farm gears. As the post points out, it will introduce new account-bound items similar with Hellfire Ring (e.g: armor, helm, amulet, gloves, boots) and their rolls should be as good.

Why is this big? You see, Hellfire rings in general, if rolled with godly quality, can pretty much beat most rare / legendary items on AH/RMAH. A good example for that is a HF ring with attack speed and critical chance together with average damage. The only problem with 1.06’s system (current) is that getting HellFire ring is very difficult since the process requires you to collect three keys from 3 different acts (requiring you to have 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor) and then, fight 3 uber bosses with 5 stacks of N.V and to ensure your chances of getting a ring, it needs to be on a higher MP level (preferably at MP 8-10). And that’s just one ring which can roll garbage stats.

With 1.0.7’s proposed system, it appears you’ll be able to get your materials on crafting account-bound gears simply by killing elites on higher MP giving you higher chances of getting a ‘godly’ roll. This is very important since this gives more reason why players should need to farm on higher MPs since as stated on the blog post, each MP level increases your chances of getting Demonic Essence – the key ingredient – on creating these new gears.

Wyatt Cheng also emphasized the new craftable items will roll higher stats compared to the current set of gears available for the game. Again, we can’t stress how important this is since it makes the whole idea of farming exciting again knowing you can get godly rolls, better than what RMAH/AH offers, and it’s account bound to you only.

Farming on Higher MP Levels Makes More Sense Now

Before, there’s really no reason for you to farm on higher monster power level since there’s no benefit as the quality of loots are almost the same and you can even get more legendaries / rares when you farm on lower MPs since killing mobs and elites are faster.

With the new patch, farming on higher MP makes more sense because of the following:

1) Higher chances of getting Demonic Essence that would be used to create account-bound gears (these gears have a possibility to roll with higher stats compared to rare / legendary / set items available on AH/RMAH).

2) Higher experience gained. As an example, MP1 now gives 25% exp (from 10%) and MP 10 at 510% (from 160%) which is perfect for players who want to level their paragons faster than the usual rate.

3) Monster Power is now available on public games. This is very important again as most of the time, farming items on D3 gets boring and you tend to join public game for some companionship. However, with the release of Monster Power, this created some negative effects since it obliges you to play Monster Power 0 on public. With the new patch, you can set any MP level and the system will find an available game where players are also playing with that level.

PVP (Duelling) Still Half-Baked

Then of course, we have the PVP update. We put this on the last part since we believe it’s still half-baked considering there are so many things Blizzard can add to its system to make it more engaging rather than just raw combat with your buddies without any real benefit, or at least making yourself known on Diablo 3’s realm. On previous posts, the company did emphasize they will include a better PVP system with an Arena-based matchup style but that would be implemented on a later date.

Other Goodies To Watch Out

Monk and Wizard skills will be buffed and there’ll be a new type of Ruby gem that will give attack speed when equipped to socketed weapons giving more versatility as opposed with the current system, giving you emerald (critical damage) as the only sane option for weapons.


As of now, all of these changes are only in paper but from the looks of it, we can already see how Diablo 3 keeps on evolving from its much-flawed state eight months ago. There’s still a lot of things Blizzard can do to make the game shine and the new patch appears to be putting D3 on the right direction.

Don’t take our word for it, visit these fan sites or even the community section for 1.0.7 and you can observe a clear number of positive comments compared to those who are rather disappointed.

For those interested, we recommend you download the PTR client on your battle.net account to try the new patch as soon as it gets out.



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