Diablo 3 Patch 2.0.6 Gives Buff To Monks, Fix For Mac Players

Posted on 10 June 2014 by author

It’s now confirmed Diablo 3 will have a minor patch update today (Tuesday) that will rollout on all servers. Expect the maintenance to begin on 3:00AM PDT until 11:00AM PDT.

The patch will contain several fixes for players using Mac OS X as it was reported numerous times ago that entering a Nephalem Rift using a Mac device will crash the game wasting your Keystone Rift Fragments.


But that’s not all. It’s also leaked that Monk will have a quick buff on their skill and possibility of changing the mechanics of their two set items. From this thread, it’s revealed ‘Momentum’ will be buffed increasing its damage to 20% (from 15%) with 6 seconds uptime (from 4 seconds) and it will proc everytime a player moves 25 yards (from 30 yards).

But it gets interesting as two strings were also leaked like “Sunwuko’s Clone” and “Lightning Storm” under Powers.txt. According to enthusiasts, this could come out as a straight buff to the four-set bonus of Monkey King’s Garb and Rainment of A Thousand Storms – both of which will be further improved after Patch 2.1 as confirmed by developers on this report.

A quick fix to set and legendary items is nothing new for Reaper of Souls. In patch 2.0.5, Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor Class got a buff on Marauder’s 6-piece set bonus and a rework for Tall Man’s finger respectively.



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