Diablo 3 Patch 2.1: List Of Undocumented Changes On PTR

Posted on 26 June 2014 by author

It’s not yet the ‘end of the month’ but Blizzard has already launched Patch 2.1 on PTR (public test realm) to the delight of fans.

There’s a big breakdown about the changes applied for this patch. And then, there are other tweaks that weren’t mentioned which will be our focus on this report.

Goblin Rift – This a different ‘goblin rift’ from the launch of Reaper of Souls. According to this thread, there’s a chance a goblin you kill will spawn a portal leading to a new place called “treasure realm” filled with millions of gold and a boss at the end; killing it will spawn a chest that has a chance to drop legendary items.

New Artisian On Greater Rifts – Players who have tried greater rifts on PTR have all experienced encountering “Urshi” – a new artisian that appears when you fail to complete a greater rift before the timer ends. There’s a big possibility Urshi will be the one to augment your legendary gems as seen from this screenshot.

No Gear Swapping On Greater Rifts – While proven to be cumbersome, gear swapping provides a lot of advantages; some of them include: when using a nemesis bracer to spawn an elite pack everytime you click on a shrine; killing a boss / rift guardian is easier with The Furnace legendary mace, or swapping for an immunity amulet when encountering a nasty elite pack with crazy affixes. On Greater Rifts, all of these will be prohibited.

Miscellaneous – Tons of other undocumented changes are all reported here including changes to Blackthorne’s Amulet, Lacuni Prowlers, Traveler’s Pledge giving chances to roll better stats compared pre-2.1 patch. Stone of Jordan is expected to become even more powerful as it can now roll five primary stats.

Blizzard didn’t mention any ETA for patch 2.1′s release on live-server but based from past PTR launches, the whole testing period takes roughly one month.


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