Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Release Gets Massive Update For New Legendary Items and More

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Earlier today, Diablo 3 developers made a surprise streaming on Twitch as a part of “Theorycraft Thursday”. But instead of just doing a blogpost, they revealed a lot of nuggets on how Patch 2.1 will change the experience of playing Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.


The video is quite long but we managed to capture some of the most important tidbits including buff for legendary items, new hellfire amulet, legendary gems and more!

Hellfire Amulet – Seasoned players are familiar with the hellfire ring which was first introduced on Patch 1.0.5 for Diablo 3 vanilla. On the upcoming patch, it will have a counterpart amulet with a cool proc that lets the wearer open a fifth passive slot for a total use of five passive skills instead of four. There’s also a possibility of the hellfire ring to be buffed but it was not mentioned if it will be retroactive or not. Your best bet is to just collect all the keys from keywardens before patch 2.1.

Legendary Gems – These have been suggested by players numerous times together with diamond even before Reaper of Souls. After the long wait, these legendary gems will be arriving on Patch 2.1 exclusive for trinkets (rings and amulets) for the time being. Nevalist is expected to reveal more details about these new gems soon. It’s also advised players not to throw socketed legendary trinkets they find pre-2.1 patch as they could be usable later for these new gems.

Legendary Buff – In our previous report, we mentioned several set items will gain a buff retroactively. From the stream, Travis Day confirmed this won’t be the case for other legendary items (e.g: Heart of The Iron). This means, players will need to find the item again after patch 2.1 to get its new buff.

Equivalent Power For Each Class – Another important tidbit during the stream is the skill buff for each class. On Reaper of Souls, it’s obvious the Witch Doctor is ahead to most classes in terms of killing elite packs or clearing an entire nephalem rift consistently thanks to their set items and skill set. On patch 2.1, developers will introduce new buffs for each class that will make them competitive enough similar with a Witch Doctor. This will be very beneficial after the deployment of Seasons and Tiered Rifts.

ETA — Unfortunately, the video didn’t provide any details about Patch 2.1’s release but from this tweet by D3 Director Josh Mosqueira, its should be available on PTR (public test realm) this summer. June, July or August — we’ll see.



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