Diablo 3 Patch 2.1 Release On PTR Hinted And Other Changes Missed

Posted on 18 June 2014 by author

Earlier today, Blizzard revealed the first preview of Patch 2.1 for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls. This is the much-awaited content update since the expansion’s release last March.

The preview contains more details on how Greater Rifts (formerly known as Tiered Rift), Legendary Gems, Seasons including new mechanics on how Dexterity will mitigate damage (from dodge to increase armor).

In addition to this preview, we received several minor updates posted by D3 Community Managers with regards to Patch 2.1.


One With Everything – Aside from seize the initiative, monk’s ultimate defensive passive to boost resistance against elemental damage will be reworked starting with a new name called “Harmony”. According to this post, “Harmony allows 30% of your single elemental resistances from items to apply to all elements”. The community manager did stress out the possibility of players seeing their overall ‘toughness’ to be in low numbers compared before but this should balance out after the rework for Dexterity and seize the initiative passive.

Preparation 2.0 – One of Demon Hunter’s primary utility skill will get a rework by removing its 20 discipline cost to restore 75 hatred in return, have a new 20 second cooldown on each use.

No Paragon Leaderboards – There won’t be any ladders for paragon levels which is bad news for some but there are other alternatives to check your paragon ranking versus other players through third-party sites like Diabloprogress or D3Rockstars.

Patch 2.1 Release on PTR – According to Lylirra, they won’t announce the exact date of Patch 2.1 on Public Test Realm. Fortunately, the community manager hinted the team is “looking forward to launch it sometime this month” but could change depending on the development schedule.


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