Did Google Wave silenced the Yahoo-Microsoft tandem?

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What did the dynamic-duo (Yahoo-Microsoft) do during the development of Google Wave?

microhoo careoff cnet

As many of you might have learned, Google Wave is launching its newest application for this year 2009. Google Wave though still on beta-stage is rocking the whole web-community as we speak!

google wave big logo

Free-invites are already expired, some web-developers are utilizing invite-exchanges just to satisfy the crave of the remaining google-wave aspirants. Even ebay auctioneers are selling these precious invites like their newest gold-rush in wild wild west history! I mean, world wide web. :)

So what is Google Wave again?

Google Wave is an online tool for real-time communication and collaboration. A wave can be both a conversation and a document where people can discuss and work together using richly formatted text, photos, videos, maps, and more. See the vivid details here

Now, with all these uncontrolled desire to use wave. The next obvious question will be

What did Google’s competitors (Yahoo-Microsoft) do during all the development-stages of Google wave?

We are hoping to see Y! & Microsoft tandem release some equivalent application to at least mitigate the power of the new Wave. To our surprise and disappointment, it seems those expectations are too high for the newly-wed companies to fathom.


So this brings the question to the table

What the heck have Yahoo-Microsoft been up to lately?

To satisfy some of your inquiries, we prepared a little concoction of some sarcastic yet factual updates with regards to this issue. Drink moderately amigos!

Yahoo is too busy dressing up their homepage.

Red, purple, magenta? It seems Yahoo needs to hire a victoria-secret fashion-designer not a graphic-artist to satisfy the whimsical fancy of their new CEO (Carol Bartz). There’s also some rants that Yahoo will be changing its name from Y! to You!?


Here are the screenshots of the old, new and future Yahoo homepage. (click to enlarge)

good ole yahoo yahoo new future yahoo

Comparing Google and Yahoo, we all know BIG G had sticked to their good ole white homepage ever since. I know this one is debatable, but do you really think yahoo could be quite better if they just improve their old yahoo homepage? The one where millions of people get used to?

As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

Yahoo’s hands are caught-up on inundating their pages with advertisements.

yahoo ads1yahoo and godaddyyahoo ads2

We all know that every company needs to earn, however users may not be used with the aggressive advertising method of the new Yahoo. Today, even my yahoo mail has a floating godaddy ads?

Also if you are a web-publisher and you want to be enlisted on the SERP (Search engine results page) of Yahoo immediately. You can pay them 299 USD so you can submit your website to their yahoo directory.

We all know that Google has a cheaper story to tell :D (click to enlarge)

yahoo directory submit cost

Y? The sudden changes…

Carol Bartz is busy convincing people that “Yahoo never was a search company”.


This proclamation created a staggering reactions from different parts of the web-community.

Some thought that this statement is very conceited, others believe that the new CEO has a point; however, it’s said that you can’t take away that part wherein Yahoo became popular through the decades because it was used mainly for searching!

On the other hand, lets visit Microsoft for a change!

Microsoft has a hectic-schedule on explaining people, why their LiveJournal Ads programme has a membership fee of 20 USD?


We all know how successful Adsense is today. Ever since it was introduced to the www on 2003, it proved to be one of the prime money-making cow of BIG G. Adsense became popular too, because joining was for FREE!

Now, LiveJournal wants to follow the footsteps of adsense, only this time they want to start it with a 20 USD fee. Hmm, am I sensing a hungry wolf? See more details here

Maybe, Microsoft is ready to launch another JINGLE-BING contest!

pic1 vid2 vid3

We all know how did the last jingle-contest turns out to be. Veerryy creepy and weird. Maybe Microsft’s champ search-engine, “BING” is planning to celebrate another jingle contest!

I hope this time it will be a real jingle for people not for aliens though

There you have it guys! All the sarcastic reasons why Yahoo-Microsoft didn’t launch a new application to battle with wave.

Please keep in mind that all of these reasons are just ramblings of a blogger. This could sound very bias to some yet soothing for others. Though we don’t disclose the possibility that the reasons said above could be the cause why, Yahoo-Microsoft seems to be silenced by the new Google Wave.

So, did you enjoy the cocktail that we prepared?

(sources: techcrunch, mashable, yahoo)


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  2. Hermann (Reply) Posted on November 29th, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Agree, seems like both Yahoo and Microsoft have an identity crisis. Microsoft first prefixed everything with MSN, then everything was “Live”, now it’s “Bing”. They should have just prefixed everything with Microsoft and all would be well.


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