DOJ Wants Apple To Decrypt An iPhone – Horrible Consequences May Follow

Posted on 31 October 2015 by author

Apple and the Department of Justice are engaged in a heated legal argument regarding unlocking iPhone’s internal software duly “licensed, but not sold” to customers. DOJ believes Apple has offered no solid evidence to back up its claim that unlocking the software could affect its reputation thus constituting an “undue burden” to its operations and goodwill.


DOJ is seeking the unlocking of encrypted data embedded in iOS devices, making it easier for U.S government to implement the execution of a search warrant against felons and other violators of law. It allows authorities to force unlock a target’s iPhone but Apple says that this translates to increasing requests in the near future. The DOJ, however, maintains that Apple needs to show proof or quantify the burden it expects to suffer as a result of the software backdoor process.

Apple’s Tim Cook is not comfortable with the government’s idea because it believes that digital privacy is superior to government’s power to encroach on people’s privacy when it comes to communication devices. Cook is determined to protect customers’ rights against government’s authority to forcibly obtain private information about users by means of technology.  The company fears that  the “unlocking” can be fatal to its customer relations program as it assures customers of protection from unauthorized intrusions from government.


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