Doubting GTA V Release on March With History

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It’s the official start of the year (more or less) and most probably, if you’re updated with the latest news from the gamingsphere you already know that some sources claimed that GTA V — the most anticipated video game of the year — will be released on March 26 based on an email sent by Amazon to those who pre-ordered the game. But for those who are keen enough to notice, this revelation is just a placeholder done by the online retailer when it doesn’t hold any specific date about the release of a particular game, case point, GTA V.

Aside from articles posted last week disproving the possibility of V debuting by end of March since it may eclipse the sales of Bioshock Infinite By 2K Games  – a subsidiary of Take Two Interactive which owns Rockstar Games as well — we have other reasons showing why it’s doubtful to believe the mega sandbox title will hit on March.

GTA History Of Release On April or October Only

Since Grand Theft Auto 3, Rockstar Games followed a consistent release of titles for the franchise. Based from its history, we can observe that main GTA episodes gets released during October only with the exception of GTA IV, which was delayed until April. This rule has never been broken for more than a decade and we can’t see any reason why Rockstar should pick other months considering its financial quarter’s ending suggest April is the right choice for GTA V.

Extending Until May

No, this isn’t about that “May 24” easter egg found from the first trailer, but rather, some reasoning behind the past titles released by Rockstar Games. One user from r/GrandTheftAutoV suggested the possibility that V will launch on May based from Rockstar Games’ last three title release: Red Dead Redemption, L.A Noire and Max Payne 3 all hitting the same month. Interestingly, it’s noticeable all the past games debuted on third Tuesday of May, giving credence to the possibility that GTA V might release on May 21, 2013. Here’s an image for the calendar.


Like we implied above, these are suppositions based from the way how Rockstar Games release games in the past. With the facts held above, it’s most likely the game will arrive on April, with a chance of getting extended until May. The premise also indicates a March release for GTA V comes very unlikely supporting our previous analysis.

So would you like to see GTA V on early or late-Spring period? Show your comment below.


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