Download iOS 9.0.1 To Prevent Your Device From Getting Hacked

Posted on 26 September 2015 by author

Apple is quick to release iOS 9.0.1 update designed to eliminate the security flaws and pestering upgrade notifications among other fixes. When iOS 9 was released a few days ago, more than 50% of users downloaded it thinking the upgrade will bring exciting new features to their devices. Unfortunately, a security flaw was detected that made Siri as the entry point in gathering private data of iOS users.


The only way to prevent it is to disable Siri via settings. The other misfortune pertains to the persistent showing of the “slide to upgrade” screen, and its remedy is either reboot the device or rollback to iOS 8.  The iOS 9.01 update is ready for download and it is expected that users will be relieved of the problems surrounding iOS 9. The company is also providing a support site for anyone experiencing problems with the current mobile OS or even its previous ones.

Apple’s latest move comes in parallel with the imminent release of iPhone 6S and iPad Pro. We’ll see how it goes.



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