Eve Online Odyssey: Release For New Expansion Next Quarter

Posted on 25 March 2013 by author

CCP Games has revealed at PAX East that it is coming out with Eve Online’s 19th expansion, the Odyssey and the date could probably be June 9. The pack will feature a revamped scanning system and other improvements to boost the mystery and danger associated with Eve Online’s gameplay. Basically, it enables players to know everything about the game, its gameplay, the setting, and even the purpose of bringing back excitement to the game itself without more effort.

The user interface will be improved, ships will be added, and graphics will be upgraded. Hidden locations are to be added from among the game’s 7,929 solar systems. The plan is to entice all kinds of players – old and new, about the new introductions so that it is easy for them to indulge in and understand what the fight is all about. The game is going on its 10th year of service with more than 500,000 subscribers as of February 2013.

With the new expansion scheme, it looks like CCP Games is not yet bent on closing the universe for now.  Eve Online is a multiplayer MMORPG with a space setting made available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (discontinued though).  MMORPG.com voted Eve Online as the 2010 Game of the Year beating World of Warcraft by a miniscule 3%.



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