Facebook Adds “Save” Option For Mobile & Desktop Users

Posted on 22 July 2014 by author

Facebook has always been an information bunker. From days on end, the world’s most popular social media outfit sees its, well, face with trucks carrying tons of news, buzzes and all things that makes us want to explore the world. Humans as we are however, information overload is inevitable; we may not crash right there and then, but the trigger to procrastinate is always present.

Facebook now understands that their users cannot consume everything in one setting. This is also part of the reason why Mark Zuckerberg and company is now enabling us to save items that we find interesting on our newsfeeds for future consumption. From links to friends’ posts to music files, everything that you find pleasing can and will be saved just for you.

Yes, it’s more like a “read it later” option or a digital bookmark and it does not navigate outside of Facebook. What you’ve saved and scanned for later will still remain in the façade of Facebook while it remains invisible until you decide to share them to the public.

Fancy a link or a pasted dialogue? Save them by tapping (or clicking) the dropdown arrow on the top right of the post and you’ll be greeted with save as the first option. Saved articles are stored on your “More” tab which also categorized your saved links accordingly. Have their Messenger? Save also works like it: swipe to delete, share or archive.

The Save revolution will be part of an update via the web, Android and iOS in the next few days.



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