Facebook Anonymous App Protects You From Spammers

Posted on 13 October 2014 by author

Anonymity cones with its own bag of alphas and omegas, but what Facebook has in mind is something that would protect its users from future spam attacks and troll invasion.

The Social Media’s soon to be announced anonymous app will open the identities of bashers – even stalkers at some point – just to give them a taste of their own medicine. It’s a fact that unwanted circumstances will definitely occur especially in social media, and that’s why some tend to create bogus accounts to keep their true selves from being pointed as the culprit.

It’s a good thing too that other social media sites require a user to use their real names and an authenticated email. Among other things, it legitimizes a certain account and at the same time, security personnel can track and notify them if things go out of hand.

Facebook’s application will be launched as an embedded comment widget that will make those with other intentions other than positive to join in a discussion. Topics can range from your typical what if’s to deeper issues like religious, sexual preference. The results may be a mixture of real life users pouring their hearts out or someone with a pseudonym bent on persuasion to join a certain cause.

This is something that could protect the whole Facebook nation from future embarrassment or unwanted interaction with someone who just wants to ruin their day. The app will somewhat permit them under some strict guidelines. Once inside, they’re anonymous, and no other aside from Facebook knows their true identities. If things go awry, they get a red flag; the site can ban their accounts. Should they want to sign up again, Facebook will ask them to go through a more secured terms and conditions that will slowly reveal their legit names or email addresses. It’s a tedious process, but Facebook wants to protect us, and it’s best if we give them a chance.


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