Facebook At Work: A New Portal For Social Media Fans

Posted on 15 January 2015 by author

Remember Facebook’s plan to create a social platform within the entrails of its already booming social network? Well, it’s already coming out in the open.

Facebook At Work (previously dubbed at FB@Work) is a tool that will let companies to create a network within Facebook, but is something that’s more dedicated and exclusive to those within its ranks. In essence, though, the Mark Zuckerberg led company is trying to tie in their own wares with the emerging “enterprise social network” and should go with Slack, Socialcast and Yammer.

Employees on the other hand, can still enjoy their typical Facebook stuff like messenger and reading their favorite news feeds. Heads on the other hand can create a separate log-in or link their Work profile to their social Facebook accounts. Another good bit is that Facebook At Work won’t come with those annoying ads, which is definitely a plus.

While Work is good on paper, the platform is still testing its waters. So far, Facebook is tapping on companies to try working in real-time and in the process, knowing what should be improved or do without. What’s laudable about this effort is that it is still Facebook, but only it’ll come with a more corporate sense. It should make you feel at home and comfortable enough to interact with your co-workers, even though you’re not really taking with each other in the office.



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