Facebook Call: VOIP Chat Service — Release Soon?

Posted on 28 January 2011 by author

Just last year, Facebook has announced some features that they plan to add in their system such as email and VOIP. Also, the social-networking site had a partnership with Skype where the latter now has a Facebook icon in their program so you can import contacts.

At present though, it looks like Facebook is in the middle of testing the voice chat as some of its features can see a “call” button in the person’s profile. When you click the button though, it initiated a voice call but never connected to anyone.

It could be that Facebook is testing it to see how users would respond to the button. It could be that this VOIP is a way to create a modernized messaging system that could include email and voice chat. When Facebook had a partnership with Skype, people were expecting to incorporate Skype in Facebook to allow phone calls. So far, that never happened and FB users like us are still waiting.

If this VOIP will indeed come true, then Facebook would be in full rivalry with Google, which had integrated voice calling by using Gmail and had made phone calls free to make in the US and Canada by this year. When media asked about this to Skype and Facebook, Skype made a “no comment” about it while a spokesperson of Facebook said that they will not comment on rumor and speculation and that they have nothing to announce or say for now.

Well, whatever that “call” button is, it sure got us curious and we are hoping a VOIP will come out. We’re looking forward for more news and updates on that.


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