Facebook Chat Secrets: How To Add Faces and Emoticons Easily

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Let’s face it: almost everyone is using Facebook to communicate, socialize and just have fun and be with friends and relatives. Other than the fact that the social network contain most of the information, it chat application is probably one of the most sought after mode of communication of the modern generation. Of course there are the usual stalwarts like Yahoo Messenger, GChat, Skype and the like, but Facebook chat is pretty much the whole package – chatting while on the same social page doesn’t get any better.

Facebook’s built in chat application just got better as of late – not to the extent that some high definition tweaks were made (although we could really use that one), but the said modification is decent to say the least. Aside from the common emoticons likeJ, L, :D and a whole lot more, images and profile pictures can now be incorporated when chatting and it you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this.

Start with the normal chatting to put first things first. If you, let’s say, want to refer a friend, a product or a company to the other end of the chat conversation, simply dump their id using double brackets. For example: referring Nike to your friend is as simple as sending [[Nike]] or [[zuck]] for Mark Zuckerberg. It can be a name or a string of numbers as long as its legit and original. Use [[168456309878025]] for 9gag.com’s LOL face or [[218595638164996]] for Yao Ming’s exotic grin and lot more 9gag personalities are up for grabs to be shared. More to see in the link below. Enjoy!



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