Facebook For Sale Groups Improves E-Commerce Experience

Posted on 12 February 2015 by author

Facebook has just announced that their “For Sale” Groups” will be endowed with new features that will make buying and selling easier, faster and safer.

The update aims to continue Facebook’s continuing effort to give its subscribers the best services that they’re looking for in a social media platform. With everything and anything happening within Facebook, buy and sell is also proliferating, and they want it to be more streamlined, organized and easy to understand. Think of it as Facebook’s way of helping us out in our small business.

What Facebook created is a new management tool for buy and sell groups, wherein they will ask administrators if they want to be included in the For Sale Group. This too will act as a security measure and filter so that items won’t be included in fraud and illegal activities.

Once the administrator agrees to be part of the group, they simply have to choose the Sell feature to create a post. From there they can add descriptions, photos and of course, the price and the item’s location. In addition, sellers can immediately mark their goods “sold” or “available” to reduce confusion among both parties.

The new feature will be rolled out on all Facebook For Sale Groups in the iOS, Android and web in the coming months.



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