Facebook Messenger For Business Unveiled At F8

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Many of us would think that Facebook’s Messenger is just for chatting. Well, it is, and it can do more for you and for your up-and-coming business.

During their F8 event, Facebook main man Mark Zuckerberg led in the unveiling of the Messenger for Business – a platform that will allow merchants to directly communicate with their customers “more naturally”. The area will also entice for a more friendly relationship between seller and buyer where transparency and good deals will be made overtime.

Messenger for Business is a venue where success starts with a decent conversation. When a buyer browses through a seller’s website, they can immediately contact them through the new application. When negotiations are underway, merchants can now utilize a variety of custom-made designs to inform their customers about the status of their orders, form shipping details to ETA. It can also be strategic point where both parties can freely converse and ask questions on a more personal level. Products previews can also be sent quickly and in turn, more orders and transactions could be set.

Facebook is currently partnering with Zendesk, Everlane and Zulily to help promote local and small business by giving them a space in their growing platform. With 640 million users all around the world, where will always be an ample group who wants their business to succeed, and what better way to do it is by using the new Messenger.



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