Facebook Narcissism: The More Friends You Have, The More You’ll Become A Narcissist?

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What is narcissism? Narcissism usually means an unhealthy obsession of a person to his/her self, often synonymous to vanity, conceit, and excessive selfishness.

The term narcissism comes from Narcissus, a character from Greek mythology cursed to fall in love with his own reflection after refusing the love of a nymph. He stared at his reflection in the water for days on end until finally turning into the flower narcissus.

When applied to a group of people, narcissism indicates elitism and an unnatural disconnection to other people different from them. Psychologically, the word narcissism is a wide term covering both normal love for self as well as self-obsession.

In the age of technology where social networks thrive, people have developed new avenues wherein they can feed their egos and feel good about themselves. Probably one of the top social networks around the world is Facebook which was launched in February of 2004. This social networking giant traces its roots in Harvard as its creators were studying at the campus when the concept was first created.

Today, almost everyone with the age of 13 years and above owns a Facebook account. Most people use the website to keep in touch with friends, loved ones, and other people who were at one time or another connected to them. Others use it to promote something, like products or services.

Facebook provides its users with many ways to connect with others no matter where they are. Families who are living far apart from each other can be kept updated with each other’s lives via this social network. You can also expand your network base by adding lots of friends to your page.

However, there are also a lot of those who use this website to improve their self esteem and feed their need for attention. Studies have shown that many Facebook users especially those who update their status many times throughout the day often do so for their narcissistic purposes. It has also been discovered that men and women promote themselves differently, with men focusing on the “About Me” part of their profiles while women prefer to post pictures of themselves to attract attention.

Another observed trait to narcissistic Facebook users is the collecting of many “friends”, no matter how remote or lacking the connection between them may be. Some accept other people’s friendship invitation just for the simple reason that they can say that they have many friends.

Research has shown that there is actually a link between how many friends you have on Facebook and the rate of your activity in a day to how disruptively narcissistic you can socially be.

While many Facebook users do have many friends or are active in the network, it does not completely denote that all of them are narcissists or have narcissistic tendencies. It also does not mean that just because you are a Facebook user, you are already a narcissist. There is a balance to having a healthy social life and while some find it easy to maintain that balance, many often don’t.



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