Facebook ‘On This Day’ Feature Relives Memories Instantly

Posted on 26 March 2015 by author

Why wait until “throwback Thursday” when Facebook’s got you covered with this new nifty feature?

Let’s face it; we really have this fetish to bring back the glory days. For some, recalling and remembering what had happened throughout the years has become an addition and what better place to do it than on Facebook.

Today, the world’s most popular social media and most visited website announced On This Day, a fresh approach to look back on what you’ve shared, posted and tagged on your page. What’s good about this is that it’s personal: only users can see the things that they’ve shared, but a share option is available when you feel like opening it to the world.

Think of it as Timehop on a different level and approach. On This Day can span from a year and beyond and displays your contents from status updates to photos and practically everything that happens to have you as one of its subjects.

If you’re ready for some reminiscing, click on the On This Day bookmark and search for the feature. Users can then subscribe and will be notified when they have memoirs to rekindle. They can also edit, delete and share their logs if they want to.

Facebook’s Newsroom said that the company has been testing the new feature and will begin to roll out on web and mobile versions in the days to come.



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