Facebook Page Hack: Admin Bug Can Delete Your Page In Minutes (Video)

Posted on 06 September 2011 by author

Facebook has been threatened by a security flaw that has caused furor and confusion among the millions of users worldwide. The flaw stems from allowing page administrators to manipulate page creators in admin status, thus enabling page hijack by the new admins.

In its original form, original page creators should not be disabled by any page admins, whether old or new, one or many. The intent is to deny page admins the administrative right to remove the original creator. The predicament has led to social networking chaos at least in the Facebook turf.

While an online review points to an erroneous FAQ in Facebook, in either way it still creates confusion in biblical proportions if one considers the millions of Facebook pages already existing on the internet. Although FB has been alerted about the flaw and until the problem is resolved with dispatch, threats of removal of creators remain hanging for now to the enjoyment and fun of unscrupulous administrators.

The sloppy security could have resulted from FB’s inept attitude towards page creation if an honest mistake is possibly ruled out. The FB page of Sophos is already flooded with discussions about the security flaw and users might be tempted to switch channels, especially that Google+ is breaking loose, unless a fix is immediately made.

See this video for more details:


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