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There’s no limit to what Facebook can do, let alone updating their service to better serve their users that span even the most remote of countries in the globe. Today, the world’s most visited website has introduced Rooms, a new layer and experience to spread our social interactions.

Rooms is not the type that would make Facebook a whole new experience. Rather, it is a place where people meet halfway via their interest, thereby creating “rooms” based on a certain topic. Created by the firm’s Creative Labs, the new service will let anyone “create places” for the things they like, and they can invite friends to join them in a friendly round of good ol’ chitchat.

A typical room can house photos, videos and other files – something that one might find on Facebook and other social sites. These however will be determined by the room’s creator: if he created a room about bicycles, then expect a bevy of files from mountain bikes to fixed gear to future bike concepts.

Think of it as a forum for everything under the sun. Of course, we might have overlooked the previous chat rooms before, but Rooms is the revamped version, and it spans further from just talking to who’s on your friend list to making new ones because of a topic that you love.

Facebook disclosed that Rooms will be available for sharing and their teased QR code will mean that there’s also an offline mode. Unfortunately, the service is currently available for the iOS. It’s iTunes versions isn’t exactly downloadable, but Facebook is fixing the problem.



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