Facebook Shutdown January 28: Hacked By Anonymous — Not Again?

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Hacking is one of the most common problems faced by the internet world today. And the latest target of hackers out there apparently is none other than the very popular social networking site-Facebook. There are some ongoing rumors that Facebook will be hacked by Anonymous that will eventually cause it to shutdown this January 28. This rumor started because of a video uploaded on YouTube just recently about the group’s plan on attacking Facebook. However, Anonymous has denied this and claims on Twitter that the said video was fake and that they do not have plans of attacking the said site.

If you still remember, Anonymous had some online war with the government of the United States as well as with some people regarding SOPA or the “Stop Online Piracy Act.” Anonymous was even reported attacking the US Department of Justice‘s website after the US government had shutdown the file sharing website Megaupload just recently. So why is Facebook being rumored to be the next target of Anonymous? Well, the answer is pretty simple and that is because Facebook is one of the largest site in the world that have thousands of servers all around the world. For some obvious reasons, Anonymous like to start a cyber war through shutting down popular websites like this as a way of showing their protest.

However, Anonymous also acknowledges the difficulty of shutting down a website as big as Facebook, but they still claimed that it is possible with the help of the people. Another reason for Facebook to be included in the list of targets by Anonymous is the fact that it took a long time for Zuckerberg to voice his opinion about SOPA and PIPA. This is actually not the first time that we have heard of Facebook being targeted by Anonymous to be shut down because if you still remember there was also a rumor before that the said website will be shutdown last November 5, 2011, but no attacked has been made.

So what can you say about this ongoing rumor? Do you think this threat to attack Facebook is true this time?


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