Facebook’s “Scrapbook” organizes your child’s milestone

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We all love to see baby pictures on our Facebook news feeds. For one, they tend to brighten up our weary day with that cute smile and milestone. But on the other, there’s this annoying predicament that through the years, baby memorabilia heaps up and becomes disorganized, and when it’s time to sort things out, it leaves a nasty trail of confusion.

Facebook’s “Scrapbook” is an optional way to organize your child’s photos with all the bells and whistles of cuteness. Users will now be able to consolidate photos under a customized album. Scrapbook then automatically collects the photos that are tagged with the same name on that album and in the long run “grows with your child” and parents will never miss a certain milestone in their progress.

Everything about Scrapbook is customized. Users can “co-own” the feature with their wife or partner and they can choose who to tag, which photos to share and a lot more. The project, according to Product Manager Dan Barak is the byproduct of “labor of love” – his team built Scrapbook based on the data that they’ve gathered from parents, including a whopping 65% of parents tagging their partners and their friends share in the joys of parenthood.

Scrapbook can be found on the Family and Relationships panel on your profile. There will be an invitation to try the program; click Get Started if you’re ready and the rest is just as easy as pie.



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