Firefox 5 (Aurora): Download for Beta, Release Date Next Month!

Posted on 23 May 2011 by author

Last month, we gave you news that Firefox 5 launch may come not on next year, not even on the holidays but as early as June, featuring some minor changes as reported by some insiders. As of today, Firefox 5 Beta is already finished and you can download it now on this site.

Likewise, this is still an incomplete version where pundits call this as the Firefox Aurora. But still, if you’re that eager user who wants to take a peek with the upcoming version of the browser, you can get this one but there’s really no changes you can see here compared to Firefox 4, except that it has a feedback option where testers can send all their comments and suggestions on the fly. Also, Firefox beta has this quick option for you to switch channels between the stabled build of the beta versions going to be rolled out in the future, as well as maintaining your Firefox 4 as your default home browser.

Meanwhile, we’re still hearing other pundits who states that the final release of Firefox 5 will be on late June, following along with Mozilla’s mandatory update for all Firefox users of 3.5 to upgrade to 3.6 because of recent vulnerabilities.

Should FF5 really come out next month, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Chrome 12 / IE 10 will be available on that time-frame as well. We keep our fingers crossed!


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