Firefox 5: Download and Release Date Now Live via FTP

Posted on 19 June 2011 by author

For millions of Firefox users around the globe who loved Firefox 4 will definitely celebrate at the forthcoming release of Firefox 5!

Honestly, it’s quite early to tell if Firefox 5 will deliver better results than its predecessor. The good news is that we don’t need to wait for months since Mozilla has officially announced that the official Firefox 5 browser will be out by June 21. There are several improvements we’re expecting to see on the latest Firefox including the more accessible do-not-track setting – which is not your normal “incognito” privacy pane. The setting adheres to FCC regulation which provides netizens the choice to opt-out from Online Behavioral Advertising. This will prevent third party advertisers track your internet activity by providing a more visible HTTP header – which is reported to be more effective than cookies or blacklists.

Firefox 5 is also expected to support CSS animations and will have similar GUI settings like Firefox 4. Other expected features summarized below:

  • Color-coded search bars
  • Update Add-ons easily
  • No more Home button
  • Pin websites to your taskbar
  • Ability to view popular links for your favorite sites
  • Sync easily between mobile and desktop platforms
  • Compatible with PDF, MP3 and other file formats
  • Simultaneous log-in to one site with 2 different accounts
  • Share websites easily to different social networking sites
  • Indicator for tracking file uploads

The latest Firefox 5 is compatible across different platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download it and test its performance. A heads up for excited users, plugins are still not compatible with Firefox 5.

You can hit the comments and share your experience with the latest foxy browser.


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