Fisker Karma Fire Incident Strikes Back, Reasons Still Unknown

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Fisker Karma, a multi-awarded plug-in hybrid luxury sports car, hits back the headlines but on a negative tone. After being involved in a fire incident three months ago, the sleek vehicle is once again engulfed in flames much to the surprise of its owner who has parked his car to run a grocery errand.

The cause of the blaze remains a mystery though the extent of the damage is very much obvious. While the owner has done his part in saving the car by calling the manufacturer and 911, it wasn’t enough to save the driver’s side section of the car’s hood which is right above the protruding exhaust outlet beneath the bodywork. Firefighters from the Woodside Fire Department have joined forces to put the fire out but eventually failed to save the sleek car from getting severely damaged.

The reported fire incident is the second case that happened this year with Fisker Karma. The first one occurred in Sugar Land, Texas while the car is parked in the owner’s garage. Still being under investigation, the incident happened almost two months later when the automaker together with its battery business partner, A123 Systems, launched a recall of more than 600 Karmas because of a suspected battery malfunction.

The company made another recall back in December which dealt with hose clamp repositioning as it could potentially affect coolant to have a battery leak and would eventually lead to a fire. Around 239 suspiciously defective Karmas were recalled and much more were included in an additional June recall.

The Fisker Karma is a product of Fisker Automotive and Finnish-manufactured by Valmet Automotive. Rated by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as a subcompact car, it can run in either 52 mpg-US all-electric mode or 20 mpg-US gasoline-only mode giving it a combined city or highway fuel economy. Its official range in the all-electric mode reaches until 32 mi (51 km).

Fisker expressed its side to Jalopnik stressing how it considers safety seriously and how its confidence in the Karma remains. The company will use its very own independent fire investigation team to get a better understanding of the incident and promises to make another statement as soon as they find answers. Hopefully, the fire incident wouldn’t enter the trilogy category as the car’s ritzy features sure look better without the added circus-like burning effects.


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