Flare App Review: Dj Apps for iPad and iPhone Now Available!

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Are you a music lover? Have you dream of being a DJ? Well, if you do, you may become a DJ in your own special way. This is not impossible to do with the Flare app, which is believed to be the most compact professional DJ turntable in the world.

Before, Apple does not allow device users to have a direct access to the iPod music library. You need to upload a separate music library per application. But with the existence of the iOS4, it made this task easy. The iOS4 allows direct access to the iPod Library with the Flare app. You can play your favorite tracks in any way and you can even start scratching.

Flare is the first application to support the new API in the store. Basically it is just a simple scratch application that can also load tracks from the iPod library. It will take you a little while upon loading a new track but hopefully this will still be improved in the future. What is so amazing with this application is that it can turn your screen into a virtual record player that you can scratch as if you’re doing the real thing.

Flare sounds so real and extremely accurate like you’re spinning a real high torque turntable. You may also upload your own MP3 files using a local WiFi server provided by the Flare application.

Upon starting Flare you will see a silver metallic turntable. The turntable has a futuristic looking arm that actually moves and stops when the music ends. It has also 3 main buttons that functions depending on what state you’re in whether playing or non-playing state.

To start a play mode simple follow these simple steps:

1. Tap the circle in the middle of the platter , wait as the tone arm slide move to the start of the track
2. Now that you’re on the playing state;

Left button- functions as the beat loop switcher, tap it to jump to one of the 5 loops to scratch
Right button-functions as play/stop button
Third red button- functions as a mute button that you may use while scratching
Red lit meter bar – for volume adjustment

As easy as that and you’re ready to be a DJ on your own.
Looks like the Flare app is very easy to handle. It will surely make your experience fun and enjoyable with a realistic record player right on your iPhone. So grab a copy of the Flare application and start doing some scratch. Check out the video demo below:


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